Special Considerations for Repairing Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

​​​​​​​Hybrid and electric vehicles are growing in popularity as the price of gas continues to remain high. Not only do buyers want to save money by having to fill up their tanks less often, but they also want to do their part to protect precious natural resources and reduce the greenhouse emissions that are hurting the earth’s ozone layer.

Most hybrids offer fuel efficiency of 40 mpg or more, and electric vehicles are becoming advanced enough to offer 200 miles on a single charge. Yet one complaint that some hybrid or electric drivers have centers around the cost or difficulty of making auto repairs.

​​​​​​​Smart shoppers know that the issue is not so black and white, and there are some pros and cons to consider for hybrid and electric vehicle auto repair. Cincinnati repair shop McCluskey Chevrolet tells you what you need to know about some special considerations for repairing and maintaining hybrid and electric vehicles:

ICS team can repair the hybrid battery and parts of your hybrid car.

Why go to the dealer - when the dealer only replaces parts and does not repair them?
If parts are very expensive to replace - we can repair them for you here at ICS.

At ICS we do not replace parts when not necessary, we can repair the part and that includes the hybrid battery.
We repair hybrid battery here.

If your hybrid car is expensive to repair - we can buy it from you

Electric System

The electric system on a hybrid or electric vehicle is advanced and complicated, and it gives many buyers pause for concern. What if the system breaks down? Won’t it be very expensive to repair? After all, this is fairly new automotive technology.
The truth is that the electric system typically needs very little maintenance and even fewer repairs. Replacing the battery is the most common repair needed. However, if you do need to repair any of the electrical system components, you will need to visit an auto repair shop that has specially trained and qualified mechanics, such as McCluskey Chevrolet.
The costs may be a little higher than what you’re used to for repairing a typical gasoline engine, but it really depends on the make and model and the specific type of repairs that are needed — just like with traditional automotive repairs.
Just like with the battery, many of the repairs to the electric system will be covered by the vehicle’s warranty. Your mechanic can help you
understand your warranty coverage and work with the manufacturer for payment on the repairs

We at ICS Auto Body Shop provide Battery-Repair-service for all types of hybrid vehicles, for example : LEXUS HYBRID car ,TOYOTA HYBRID car and more
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