Battery repair for a Toyota hybrid car Ottawa | $2.500 with one year warranty

ICS Auto Ottawa-  specializing in Toyota Hybrid Battery Reconditioning 
The Nepean region boasts of  a great number of Lexus Hybrid Vehicles.

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We, at ICS Auto have the right expertise when it comes to the Toyota Hybrid.
At ICS Auto, we can rebuild your battery and provide you with a full year warranty.
As  our world undergoes significant changes regarding energy efficiency, the sale of hybrid vehicles increases. 
Though these vehicles do reduce fuel expenses and lower air pollution, what is often saved in terms of fuel cost ends up being invested in the maintenance of the vehicle when it comes to parts required.  

TOYOTA Hybrid Car Battery in the Ottawa region.

Know fact is that the TOYOTA Battery often goes for around $6.000 with a limited warranty of only six months.

At ICS Auto , we can rebuild your battery at half the cost of a battery replacement and also include a whole year warranty.

If you have been looking for affordable solutions to issues with your hybrid vehicle, trust ICS Auto Body Shop for our well reputable  expertise in this domain.

When it comes to "the hybrid", ICS Auto is a name you can trust ! 

Battery-Replacement-for-hybrid-and-electric-Cars Ottawa |Battery-Replacement-for-hybrid-and-electric-Cars Nepean
Battery-Replacement-for-hybrid-and-electric-Cars Ottawa |Battery-Replacement-for-hybrid-and-electric-Cars Nepean

Vehicle Paint Ottawa ,Vehicle Paint Nepean
Vehicle Paint

Car scratches and scrapes in the paintwork can be horrible things to happen to your vehicle.
No matter how they occur, scratches and paint damage are unsightly.
They can drive down the resale value of your car and untreated scratches can lead to further damage at a later date.
Left unrepaired, scratches can lead to exposing the body of the car, escalating into potential rust problems later on down the line.
By getting your car scratch repaired you can make sure you not only solve the immediate problems of unsightly damage,
but you can also avoid additional costs in the future.
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claasic cars restoration Ottawa,claasic cars restoration Nepean
Claasic Cars Restorations

Restoring classic cars can be a difficult process as a lot of parts are not always easy to find. 
At ICS Auto, we are committed to bringing your car back to life.
We consider "restoring classic cars" as a praise worthy project. 
We understand how you have a special connection to a rare ride and we are here to fulfill your wishes and aspirations
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Automotive Electronics Ottawa,Automotive Electronics Nepean
Automotive Electronics

At ICS Auto, we install the latest technology to keep your car current.
Adding the right technology to an older vehicle can make it feel brand new.
Upgrade your old car with these high-tech car accessories for a dramatically different ride.Fortunately, there is a huge aftermarket of gadgets and add-ons that work with almost every existing vehicle on the road today.
Among our range of services we install : remote starters, GPS, backup cameras, dash cameras and any
other additions to all types of vehicle makes and models. 
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repair hybrid and electric cars Ottawa ,repair hybrid and electric cars Nepean
hybrid and electric cars

Special Considerations for Repairing Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.
Hybrid and electric vehicles are growing in popularity as the price of gas continues to remain high. Not only do buyers want to save money by having to fill up their tanks less often, but they also want to do their part to protect precious natural resources and reduce the greenhouse emissions that are hurting the earth’s ozone layer.
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Collision and Auto Body Repair Ottawa ,Collision and Auto Body Repair Nepean ,Auto Body repair Nepean Ottawa ,Auto Body Shop Nepean Ottawa ,ICS Auto Body Shop Nepean ,ICS Auto Body Shop Nepean Ottawa ,hybrid cars battery replacement cost ,auto body shop ,car body shop ,collision repair nepean ,car bumper repair ,auto body repair ottawa ,car body paint shop near me
Collision and Auto Body Repair

ICS Auto Body Shop has a performance driven attitude and as a leader in collision repairs, we have the service and technology you can trust. Scratches, dents, and scrapes no matter how major or minor, devalue your vehicle and reduce its curb appeal. We do know how important it is to have your vehicle looking new and we can complete auto body and paint repairs on all models of vehicles. At I.C.S. Auto Body Shop, we repair any damage professionally, courteously, speedily and at a fair price. We can also work with your insurance in order to meet your needs. ICS Auto Body Shop - Auto body repair Ottawa
Your vehicle should look as close as possible to how it looked when it left the factory !

Bumper repairs Ottawa,Bumper repairs Nepean
Bumper replacement & repairs

Why Do Bumpers Need Repairs?A cracked bumper repair or bumper dent repair is necessary for more reasons that just making your car look better.
There are two problems to keep in mind:
​​​​​​​no matter how minor the collision, a cracked or damaged bumper can hide other damage to your vehicle, such as:
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rim restoration powder coating Ottawa,rim restoration powder coating Nepean
rim restoration powder coating

I.C.S. is a batch powder coating shop located in Nepean Ottawa Canada. 
This means we specialize in smaller non-production parts.
Our powder coating process usually takes 1-2 days. 
Drop your rims and we will make them brand new again.
We can also repair curb damage to your wheels before powder coating.

A few advantages of powder coating Include:
1. Powder coatings emit near zero volatile organic compounds (VOC)...Learn more

Windshield and Glass repairs Ottawa,Windshield and Glass repairs Nepean
Windshield and Glass repairs

At ICS, we perform windshield repairs and replacements as well as rear and side windows.
Although, at times a full windshield replacement is the only solution, repair is possible if it only turns out to be a stone chip.

Side and back windows replacement Broken car window puts you at the mercy of the weather and exposes your car to theft.
The valuables and interior of the car are not protected when using a temporary repair.
If your car windows are broken from road debris or smashed in an accident, leave it in our hands to replace it for you.

ICS Auto Body Shop Ottawa 
Auto Windshield Repair Ottawa - Work of professionals !

How much does it cost ? ... learn more

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