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ICS Auto Body Shop Nepean ​​​​​​​Ottawa CANADA ,Car Body Repair ,has a performance driven attitude and as a leader in collision repairs, we have the service and technology you can trust. 

Scratches and dent repairs are very common requests at ICS Auto Body Shop. Scratches, dents, and scrapes no matter how major or minor, devalue your vehicle and reduce its curb appeal.

We do know how important it is to have your vehicle looking new and we can complete auto body and paint repairs on all models of vehicles.  

At I.C.S. Auto Body Shop, we repair any damage professionally, courteously, speedily and at a fair price.

​​​​​​​We can also work with your insurance in order to meet your needs. Insurance deductibles are negotiable and in most cases, we won't charge the customer for the deductible.

car-body-repair ottawa canada |car-body-repair Nepean canada
car-body-repair ottawa canada |car-body-repair Nepean canada
car-body-repair ottawa canada |car-body-repair Nepean canada
CONTACT auto body shop- AT 613-220-8646 
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